Thursday, April 18, 2013

Future shock preview

Project Team: Edward Kim, Benny Cemoli, Oliver Lao, Morgan Tang

Dystopian futures have been conjured by our most critically acclaimed storytellers and continue to be notably entrenched in contemporary popular culture. They act as parables to guide us through swiftly changing times that confront traditions and
bring forth new challenges.

Cinematic and literary representations use architecture to reflect and emphasize the sociocultural challenges being examined.
In Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, monolithic and oppressive buildings hover over dark streets in an impoverished future where airships tout the escape to the better life beyond the stars. In other Philip K. Dick stories envision similar scenarios, in which
the earth becomes an ecumenopolis ‐ the whole world is engulfed in urbanity and suffering from an unknown crisis.

Inspired by the powerful vision of these precedents, we imagine how society would structure itself to exist in a world where
the skyscraper reigns supreme. We envision a world state in which a social gradient emerges where those who live in the sky
lead fundamentally different lives than those in the lowermost layers of the city. Always reaching higher and in a constant state
of construction and renewal, the chasm widens between those in the canopy and the darkening realm below. Far from fantasy,
we see this future as a possible outcome in increasingly dense cities as the earth’s population shifts to an increasingly urban
one,where environments are stretched to their sustainable limits, and current economic and political models fail to author
other realities.

ground detail_1 

sky detail_1